Bring Order Into Your Life With These 3 Tips

As usual, my day was about to descend into chaos — an unforeseen twist in a project, a time miscalculation, a favor asked — and anxiety was already knocking at my door. A mentor once told me that chaos is the natural order of existence. “All you have to do is bring something else into the situation,” he said with the confidence that only experience can provide. Recalling his words, I took a deep breath and vowed that nothing would shake me. 

Are you easily shaken when a wrench is thrown into your plans? Do you get anxious when situations don’t go as planned?

Whether it’s a Monday that needs saving or an unforeseen turn of events, here are three key tips to help you to bring order into your life at any given time: 

  1. Consider your alternatives

Certain changes in your plan are under your control, while others are beyond your control. To tell the difference, you need wisdom, just like the  AA Prayer says. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Is this something I can put off until later?
  • Do I have a say in the matter?
  • Can someone else take care of this? 
  • What are the ramifications if I don’t do this? 
  • Is this an emergency? 

After you’ve determined any or all of these, make a decision and stick to it. The idea is to devote your time, energy, and attention to what is important without compromising your peace of mind.

  1. Establish a regimen for maintaining stability

Certain behaviors might help us keep our cool and stay on top of our game no matter what life throws at us. For some, it is a period of strenuous exercise; for others, it is a time of prayer and meditation. As a Christian, I advocate both for your spiritual and physical health. In all honesty, this is the most important tip on my list. 

  1. Make a plan

Have goals for your day. It could take the shape of a daily or weekly to-do list. Whatever it is, when another element comes into the scene, you are not thrown off balance and can assess if it is important on a scale of importance.

Apply these tips today and see the difference in the next few days. Nevertheless, you need to accept that a flawless Monday (or any other day) may be a dream, but you can always keep your day from spiraling out of control. If you have any other recommendations, please leave them in the comments area. I like to hear from you.

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