So About The 2023 Grammy Awards…

It was a night of glitz, glam… I don’t care. I’ve never watched or followed the Grammys. I’m not into celebrity fandom or idolization, so their award shows aren’t a big deal to me. Don’t get me wrong: the Grammys are very prestigious, and anyone who receives one has worked extremely hard to achieve it, which is admirable. But if their efforts do not glorify God or promote things I consider ungodly, I do not want any part of it. So, why am I interested in the Grammy 2023 Awards?

Two reasons. First, a small bird has been tweeting with talks about a certain Christian band that performed a secular song alongside a secular rapper at the Grammys. When I first heard about the situation, I was like…okay? What is the song’s content? What is the purpose of the performance? Then I discovered that the first lines of the song were:

Remember the days we used to smoke them blunts together…” okay?

Granted, the song was sung as tribute to musicians, actors, and other entertainers who passed away recently, which is heartbreaking, but did the Christian band have to perform it with the secular rapper? I was also told that the band did not perform a Christian song at the ceremony. Why? Didn’t they win an award for their Christian song? I have my thoughts but here’s a take I agree with about the situation by Ruslan KD, a seasoned Christian Musician, YouTuber and Commentator.

Second reason. Some of my favorite commentators on that app, which is represented by a red box with a play sign on it, have been talking about the display of Satanism at the Grammys. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised because there has been a push in recent times to force the LGBTQXTZ on the society at large and as usual, big award ceremonies are the places to make a statement. I also felt unmoved because I see the satanic display as some sort of aggressive marketing.

You know, get the people who would not normally watch the Grammys to do so because of the outrageous displays. Then they will talk about it and their friends will do the same, and boom! the ratings of the awards ceremony will skyrocket as a result. 

Not me; I will not contribute to their ratings, but I will discuss their displays. Better yet, I’ll just embed again this YouTube video by Ruslan. That way, I get to support a Christian Creative and still give my two cents about the whole situation while not upping their ratings. Also, I agree with his take. So here is his take on the Christian band singing with a secular musician situation and the display of satanism at the Grammys.

P.S. I don’t always agree with Ruslan on everything, which is fine. But on these points, I completely agree with him. And, yes, I did not watch the Grammys. That being said, what are your thoughts on the Grammys in 2023? Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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